Case Study: CleanFront


Sam was receiving a lot of calls for his exterior maintenance company, CleanFront, and was not sure how to handle them. In addition, many of his clients were asking him the same questions over and over again about pricing and the specific services he offers. Sam knew he needed a website, but was not sure about the best way to approach it. This was where we came in. With our expertise in web design, we were able to produce Sam a website that was able to represent CleanFront in the best possible way, whilst solving all of Sam’s problems.

exterior maintenance website

Reviews Page

The reviews page helps establish trust. Because of CleanFront’s large amount of reviews, future clients will feel secure that this business will provide the excellent service that it has done many times before.

Contact Page

The contact page allows customers to email CleanFront. Now Sam does not have to deal with as much calls, since customers can now email him. This free time allows Sam to focus on other things in his business instead of taking calls all day.

Pricing Page

The pricing page allows customers to know what specific services CleanFront specializes in and their prices. Sam no longer deals with needing to repeatedly answer as much questions when customers call him. In addition, the customers that contact Sam are sure they will use his services, since the price and the process of service is displayed on the CleanFront website.